Bandalasta & Charlesworth

Bandalasta is the trade name for a range of decorative moulded articles first produce by Brookes & Adams in the 1920's "the ideal picnic and dainty table ware".

A range of articles for camping, caravaning, yachting along with tableware for the home. These mouldings were known for their light bright colours & marbled effects, a first for plastic, which until the invention by BIP of their Beetle urea formaldehyde in 1924 had been restricted the dark colours of Bakelite.


Charlesworths have teamed up with Brookes & Adams Ltd to make use of the original moulds & materials to bring back a range of decorative moulded articles in Beetle urea & melamine along with bakelite phenolics. The current range we have can be found in our Bandalasta shop 


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